​[Apocalyptic Witchcraft Recordings]
[released February 17, 2017]

I’d love to keep this band to myself, but they deserve to be recognized more. Picked up by Candlelight Records for their debut, here comes the follow up on the Apocalyptic Witchcraft Recordings label.

Cnoc An Tursa are described as heavy Scottish metal, and that means folk/pagan black metal. Their music is filled with melody but is still heavy. The aforementioned debut is so good that I have plans to include it in an upcoming Deserted Island Records post, so it was with great anticipation that I finally received The Forty Five this fateful month of February 2017.

TFF opens up with an instrumental intro and then delves into the best track of the album, “The Yellow Locks Of Charlie,” which runs for 8+ minutes and incorporates everything that makes metal my music of choice. It has blastbeats and growl, it has slow and melodic parts, it sees CAT use clean vocals in choirs, and they use classical and native instruments to create that nice sort of contrast to the overdriven guitars and modern production.

Most of these components are used in all the rest of the songs. I would not call any of the tracks filler, but none reach the level of awesomeness that this first song does. The debut was a very homogeneous album, but The Forty Five feels more dynamic, in the sense that it shifts pace and intensity to a greater extent. The band is true to the direction they plotted with the first album, but although they have taken their time to release a second record, it’s missing that little something extra. Maybe I say this because I love The Giants Of Auld so much. The Forty Five is a really good album anyway, and I look forward to listen to it again from time to time, and hopefully see it on par with The Giants in the long run.

  • TBOJ score: 4.0/5
  • DR score: 8

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