[Napalm Records]
[Release date: April 26th, 2013]

Again an album that I reviewed when it came out. I liked it then, but it has grown considerably more since then. This might just be my favorite thrash metal record. It has everything that makes this high school drop-out punk mofo genre so much fun to listen to, made tongue-in-cheek, beer in hand(s) and parents out of town (hehe, made me think of this video).

F.K.Ü. take their style from Exodus and S.O.D., so don’t expect any metal epics around these parts. No, instead we are served hit song after hit song on this buffet of fast riffing (guitar: Pete Stooaahl a.k.a. Peter Lans, bass: Pat Splat a.k.a. Patrik Sporrong), faster drumming (Dr. Ted Killer Miller a.k.a. Teddy Möller) and amazing half screamed/clean vocals by the character called Larry Lethal, a.k.a. Lawrence Mackrory.

There are 17 tracks on this album. The first is a really good intro (even though I dislike intro tracks in general) and spread out in between the songs of standard length are four tracks in “The Überslasher” series measuring between nine and 35 seconds. They all work up to the same climax: “You die!” These four slashers were something I didn’t really get when receiving the album for reviewing back in 2013, but now I really like the pause they create on the whole thing.

Put this on, turn it up, and prepare to sing along to some of the catchiest choruses and thrash metal anthems ever made.

Four fingers!

  • TBOJ score: 5/5
  • DR score: 6

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