Since I shared the news of the Wintersun campaign the other day, I thought I might as well link to this one as well.


Eterknight are an up-and-coming symphonic folk/melodic death metal outfit from Mexico. The Wintersun influences in their music is very apparent, especially on their second release,  Winter’s Calling (that name alone…), but they also had the good taste to include a cover of Ensiferum‘s “Hero In A Dream” on their Ragnarök EP.

Both these releases have been independently recorded and released, and I think the band sounds very good. To take the next step, they are now asking for donations to be able to purchase their own studio equipment. Much like Wintersun, but their end goal is 100(!) times lower. Perks for pledging money includes digital access to the coming album and merch in several forms.

You be the judge. Are Wintersun a hundred times better than Eterknight? Link to the campaign on IndieGoGo here:


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