[Osmose Productions]
[Release: 31 March 2017]

First off: this album has a lot of low end. A lot! Now, continue reading.

Thill Smitts Terror is the third album by this Norwegian unique sounding metal group. At least I have never experienced music sounding like this before. The production of this album is a continuation of a journey that really started with their last album album, Von Rov Shelter in 2009. A journey to completely envelop the listener in deep bass, sprinkled with buzzing guitars and evil croaking, mostly in mid-tempo.

I tried to fiddle with the sound of the album but I couldn’t get the pounding bass to normal levels with the equalizer I have on hand. It’s really deep seated and permeates every little piece on the record. Except for the symphonic intro and outro that is. The first time around I thought something broke in my headphones when the audio changed so drastically from the first track to the first song proper.

They are a strange group of people, Slagmaur. They play with masks and use wicked stage-names and their real identities are supposedly still unknown. The platform of their music is black metal, but they have turned it into something completely their own. Anyone into the esoteric and avant-garde will probably find something interesting on Thill Smitts Terror. I am on the fence about this one. On the one hand I am interested to hear what the album would sound like with a normal mix and master. But on the other hand, the band has made its choice to present their music in this way, and maybe it would get lost without this over the top conflagration of sonic vibrations.

When the steady beat of the drums sometimes is broken up by devilish chanting you get some chance to breathe, but otherwise this is probably the most oppressive listening experience I have ever made myself repeat on several occasions. Such is the game of the reviewer. I could have put this aside after the first rotation, but I made myself push on, and while not cheaply, Thill Smitts Terror has more than a little something to give. It is not the greatest record I have ever heard, but it is interesting. Good job on Osmose Productions for picking up Slagmaur anyway. I hope that more people get to hear them!

  • TBOJ score: 3.0/5
  • DR score: 5

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