Sangue “Sangue” (2017)

sangue-ep-cover[Nuclear War Now! Productions]
[Release: 15 April 2017]

The retro revival continues with this EP by Italian debutantes Sangue. “Sangue” means blood, and it goes to figure that that’s what the band is out for, playing blackened death metal in early 90’s style.

The production is kind of wobbly and it makes me remember how a worn cassette tape would sound when you try to record over it for the 17th time. The guitars are really gritty and the riffing style makes them the most black metal of all the elements, while the drums sound lifted straight off one of Bathory‘s first three albums. The bass could be replaced by an extra push of the lower frequencies on the equalizer for the guitars, that’s how much of an identity that has. But at the same time, that is also pretty fitting.

sangue-photoThe vocals are the most unique part of the record. They fill out the sonic stage in a spectral fashion. It might be a make or break type of uniqueness, but I find the style kind of interesting.

Now, the songs are too short and this EP is more of a sampler, running only for 5:37 with two tracks. Sangue would do well to follow up with a proper album within short to keep momentum, but the old-school lo-fi style presented here does not get me particularly excited about that prospect.

  • TBOJ score: 1.5/5
  • DR score: 8

New Song From Dream Evil

I know I have not been writing much these last few weeks, but I just have to stop by and share these wonderful news. Dream Evil have announced their new album called “SIX,” due May 26th. The first track on the album is eponymous and they have posted a video of it, which I suggest you check out here below. Great news!