New Song From Dream Evil

I know I have not been writing much these last few weeks, but I just have to stop by and share these wonderful news. Dream Evil have announced their new album called “SIX,” due May 26th. The first track on the album is eponymous and they have posted a video of it, which I suggest you check out here below. Great news!


Eterknight Crowdfunding

Since I shared the news of the Wintersun campaign the other day, I thought I might as well link to this one as well.


Eterknight are an up-and-coming symphonic folk/melodic death metal outfit from Mexico. The Wintersun influences in their music is very apparent, especially on their second release,  Winter’s Calling (that name alone…), but they also had the good taste to include a cover of Ensiferum‘s “Hero In A Dream” on their Ragnarök EP.

Both these releases have been independently recorded and released, and I think the band sounds very good. To take the next step, they are now asking for donations to be able to purchase their own studio equipment. Much like Wintersun, but their end goal is 100(!) times lower. Perks for pledging money includes digital access to the coming album and merch in several forms.

You be the judge. Are Wintersun a hundred times better than Eterknight? Link to the campaign on IndieGoGo here:

First Impressions: Persefone “Aathma” 

This was my most anticipated record of February 2017. I have played it a few times, but I am not ready to score it yet. It is far from an easy or direct album, but it is a grower and it sounds like a natural follow up to Spiritual Migration. I will be back with a proper review within short, but in the meantime I want you to listen to the album for yourselves. 

Wintersun Crowdfunding

Wintersun have kicked up a storm on their Facebook page these last few weeks, leading up to the start of their crowdfunding campaign today. Many have been very negative about the whole thing, thinking the band asks for too much. Personally, I like the music way to much to waste my energy on flaming the band. They are entitled to ask for whatever they want, and considering that the campaign has already reached 80 % of its goal during the first day, I’d say people are willing to pay.

Check out the campaign on this link, or just watch the embedded video below.

Quick update

I have lost a lot of momentum these last few days, but there is more album coverage coming up. In the meantime, I suggest you check out these two songs from the new Ex Deo record coming out this week. I wasn’t particularly impressed by the debut, all those years ago, but the third offering by the band is looking like a heavy hitter. The Immortal Wars is a concept album about Hannibal, the great adversary to old Rome.

Taravana “Prevail” (2015)

After the discovery of Midvinterblot, I set out on a quest for more awesome folk metal. As it turns out, there is a lot of shitty music out there in general, but especially in folk metal.
The first part of the last sentence is a part of the problem with the Internet and the advancement of technology: too many unskilled “musicians” are able to record music and distribute it to the whole world. The last part, about folk metal, I think could be some sort of reaction to this new world: an urge to go back to the roots, to pay homage to our ancestry.

I welcome well made folk metal like the next guy, and any good music for that matter, but at some point people need to start to critically examine their own work. “Is this something I want to put my name on?”

This lengthy ingress has probably made any reader very off-put towards the album at hand: Taravana‘s Prevail. But you see, this album is so wholesome and well-arranged that it is a great example of a folk metal album done right. It contains an interesting narrative, for anyone who usually listen to the lyrics. I don’t, but I still get most of the story by now. But besides that we also get some inspired instrumentations. Even the completely instrumental tracks are interesting (one of them contains what appears to be a professional cellist).

The title track has one of the best guitar leads I’ve ever heard, between 1:35-2:50, which then continues with a great chorus until past the 4:30 mark. During this lead the drumming is extremely engaging, and an important part of why the lead works so great. During the whole running time of the album stick-man Aaron Maloney (also on bass, vocal harmonies and additional keyboards) does a great job of keeping the album together, but he really shines in the mentioned passage.

Main man Alex Newton together with guitarist Dan Bussells has rounded up a gang of talented musicians for this album. As I understand it, Newton is doing most, if not all of the lead vocals, and he showcases skills at both cleans and growls. The spoken parts sound a bit awkward, but only Christopher Lee is a convincing narrator, so that’s forgiven. All in all, the album is very coherent, professional and thought through. The earlier Taravana releases are nowhere near this level of quality. Only the band logo was cooler before.

  • TBOJ score: 4.5/5
  • DR score: 11

This review had me rambling on so much that I have to categorize it as an article as well…

Most Anticipated Release In February 2017

I have jotted down the following releases in my calendar, as a “don’t forget.”

  • Nailed To Obscurity King Delusion (Feb 3)
  • Nidingr The High Heat Licks Against Heaven (Feb 10)
  • Cnoc An Tursa The Forty Five (Feb 17)
  • Mord’A’Stigmata Hope (Feb 17)
  • Sons Ov Omega Reign (Feb 18)
  • Henry Kane Den Förstörda Människans Rike (Feb 20)

I won’t review all these records. Heck, I probably won’t even listen to them all. But at the end of the month something extraordinary will happen that I can’t miss.

Persefone are releasing a new album on February 24th. Aathma is the title of the album that will make or break this special little band for me. Their last album, Spiritual Migration, is nothing short of a masterpiece. I had to give it more than a little time to come to appreciate it, but now… Rest assured that it will be featured in my Deserted Island Records series.

Persefone are from Andorra. There aren’t too many bands from that little country in betwixt Spain and France, but they stand tall even measured by the rest of Europe. They have not always been such a knock out as on Spiritual Migration, but they have always taken the creation of each album very seriously. The entity they have evolved into at this point is a modern variety of epic death metal with atmospheric and harmonic parts. They are also part metalcore, and the technicality of their arrangements was probably what made me defensive about Spiritual Migration at first. But in the long run, the progressive nature is what gives it such a high replay value.

I completely missed that the band had a crowdfunding campaign running to finance this new album, but I’m so happy that they reached and even surpassed their goal.

I can’t wait to hear Aathma!

Watch This “Making Of…” Video

It’s a slow day in the Metalopsy workshop. I have a few new records to share with you, but until then you will have to get through the day by watching this charming video of the making of Fragments Of D-Generation by Disarmonia Mundi. I mentioned the band in my “Songs in abundance” post, and I stand by my view that they are a really cool melodic death metal group.